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Kakbank, The Cookie Bank, is the sweetest bank in the world! We hook up once a month and eat cookies and invest in microcredits in developing countries. That makes us and the world a little happier!

Oh, do tell more
bake your own Kakbank!

What city is closest to you?

   Aspö (Strängnäs)   Biskopsgården   Enfo (Stockholm)   Eriksberg (Uppsala)   Friends of Cookies (Stockholm)   Gothenburg   Klostervallen   Kumla   Kungsholmen (Stockholm)   Lilla grevens (Göteborg)   Linkoping   Luleå - Rubus Arcticus   Örebro   Pixbo (Gothenburg)   Råsunda (Stockholm)   Roslagen   Sala   Seven Kinds of Stockholm   Södermalm (Stockholm)   Söders höjder (Stockholm)   Umeå   Uppsala   Utanförtullarna (Stockholm)   Växjö   Vipeholm (Lund)   

Which university or company do you work at?

Lunds Kommuns Fastighets AB   Uppsala University - Solid State Physics   


If you have any questions, feel free to email peter at kakbank dot se!

Each Kakbank is a independent non-profit group.
All the money goes to charity.
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